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Mar 30

Personal Branding: Amplifying Your Career

You can reach everyone around the globe via the internet - and no one. Join our IABC collaborative discussion on how to build yourself  -  and your company  - as an industry communications leader using social media, community groups, networking, and conte


Welcome to the IABC New Jersey site.

IABC NJ is the New Jersey chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). With more than 200 members, IABC NJ is the leading community for NJ-based communicators to network with, learn from and recognize each other.  At IABC NJ, communicators can join their peers to meld their knowledge and experience, growing their skills and enhancing their success.

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Communications Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election

More than 1 million people attended IABC-New Jersey’s recent panel discussion at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Madison, NJ, campus. OK, that’s really an alternative fact.
02/21/2017 | bvar@verizon.net | 0
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Getting Through the Resume Black Hole

Going through the job search process is no easy task as recruiting continues to become more impersonal. But with persistence and know-how, you can stand out from the crowd. IABC NJ’s expert panel recently shared tips for landing the job of your dreams.
11/29/2016 | jmoldave@moldave-cook.com | 0
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Grammar still counts: Why it matters and online resources to help

Good grammar can make the difference in whether your audience trusts or dismisses your content. Here's why, along with some pet grammar peeves and resources to help make sure your words don't get in the way of your message.
11/29/2016 | bvar@verizon.net | 0
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