Get Involved

Volunteering is easy and rewarding. Whether you offer some time on an occasional basis or take a more involved position with an IABC/NJ Committee or the Board, volunteering gives you an opportunity to grow your professional network and to learn new skills in an encouraging environment. As a volunteer, you can:

  • enhance your own skills

  • share your expertise and teach others

  • participate in communication activities outside your area of expertise

  • raise your own knowledge and industry visibility

Contact our Volunteer Chair to learn more to learn more about getting involved:

Programming – Not only are we looking for your ideas for future programs, we could use your help in coordinating e a single event or a series of events. Whether you are an expert in event planning, or have never done it before, volunteering with programming is a great experience, giving you’re the opportunity to shape the events for the chapter.

Communications – There’s always room for writers! Before an event and after an event, we need people to help with promotion, from writing press releases to Web content. So express yourself and show off your capabilities by writing for the IABC/NJ.

Speaking – Whether you are a professional presenter or an individual looking to develop presentation skills, the IABC/NJ is your opportunity to spotlight your communications expertise.

Judging – IABC/NJ has reciprocal arrangements with other chapters to judge their award contests. Your involvement is quick, but much appreciated. And, you’ll get a snapshot of what communicators across the country are doing!

Serve on the Board – This level of commitment and dedication is both appreciated – and available! With high visibility to  communicators in the NJ area, you have a real opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities and develop leadership and relationships.