Professional Development

IABC NJ offers  programs aimed at the professional development of our members, other local communication professionals, and students pursuing a career in communications. Our programs can  cover the latest trends or hottest topics in the field of communications, spanning the interests of public facing (e.g. PR, social media) to internally focused professionals (e.g. change management, intranet strategies). Each program sets aside time for networking, offers food and beverages when in person and gives you the opportunity to meet and converse with our guest speaker or panelists. We encourage audience participation and try to make each event an intimate conversation between our subject matter guests and you.

The IABC Academy provides online professional development for business communicators to help advance their careers and generate real business results for their organizations. Our online workshops offer in-depth learning to build critical skills and knowledge. Through live, on-demand and self-paced workshops by leading experts in their fields, IABC Academy participants get exceptional instruction that supports long-term problem-solving and enhances career growth, now and into the future.

Certification is intended to support you throughout your career. IABC's Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC®) has identified roles, responsibilities and competencies for four broad career levels: Foundational, Generalist/Specialist, Strategic Adviser, and Business Leader. At this time, the GCCC offers certification for the Communication Management Professional and Strategic Communication Management Professional levels.