Dollars and Sense: Effectively Communicating Financial Data and Results

February 06, 2018
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Fairleigh Dickinson University Monninger Center/Library - The Orangerie
285 Madison Ave
Madison, NJ 07940

How to communicate business financials in a way that engages non-finance people and makes the results easier to understand.

If math is the language of science, then financial figures are the language of business. It’s a language that everyone needs some understanding of to get by, but few are fluent in, other than those specialized in the field. For many communicators though, it’s important to not only have a basic knowledge of the language but to understand its use and various contexts.

Why? Because financial reports tell a story about the business and hold clues to key messages that need to be told to clients, customers, or employees. Knowing how to communicate financial results in a way that the layperson can quickly grasp and become engaged around is a critical skill for communicators to add to their toolbox.

Join the IABC NJ for a panel discussion focused on ways to translate complex financial and data-driven details into effective and engaging external and internal communications. Hear how our experienced panel has found interesting and creative ways to communicate financial data.

Meet our panelists:

Bob Varettoni, Director, Corporate Communications, Verizon
Bob is Verizon’s chief media spokesperson on financial, strategic and governance issues. He also directs external communications support for other corporate functions. He has held a variety of roles in internal and external communications at Verizon and its predecessor companies. A graduate of Notre Dame, Bob began his career as a journalist and editor. He recently served as Finance VP for IABC-New Jersey.

Melissa F Daly, President, MFD Communications, LLC
Melissa has worked in financial and business communications for more than 20 years, with a special focus on key message development and strategy around critical issues. Melissa formed MFD Communications in 2011 after spending three years at Goldman Sachs as Vice President, Corporate Communications. There, she focused on communications programs for its asset management (GSAM) and private wealth divisions as well as the firm’s political and lobbying activities. Prior to that, she held various positions that involved managing communications, media relations, building brand awareness, and special projects for hedge fund, private equity, insurance, and traditional asset management firms.

Melissa is often quoted in the press discussing a variety of business topics and has frequently appeared on CNBC and CNN serving as an industry commentator and Bloomberg calls her “a veteran Wall Street message maker.”

Laura Enderle, Manager, Employee Communications – Executive Communications and Editorial, BASF
Laura manages Employee and Executive Communications for BASF in North America, where she develops content for internal executive messaging, corporate strategy communications, employee newsletters and digital signage. An experienced writer and editor, she is also passionate about good design and visual communications. Laura served in various editorial roles before joining BASF in 2012 and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from The College of New Jersey.


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